The Bible

A brief History

A series of presentations to mark the "Year of the Word" 2019/2020

"Text without Context is Pretext"

Scroll through the Powerpoint presentations below and enjoy......

(there will be more as time goes on!)

01 The Bible.ppsx

This talk is about the various translations of the bible over 2000 or so years and the significance on the content that makes

02 Lost Books 1 .ppsx

This talk is about references in the Old Testament to books which are not in the Canon of Scripture. Many of these are lost, but we still have a few remaining.

03 OT Context.ppsx

This talk is about the context of the Old Testament writings and when they were written

04 TOTW.ppsx

This talk addresses the very varied types of writings in the Old Testament "Library"

05 Who is Jesus.ppsx

This talk is about Jesus, the Jewish preacher from Galilee, before launching into New Testament writings