Notes on An Introduction to St Paul

The following document is a collection of notes for a brief talk (1.5 Hours) on:

"An Introduction to St Paul's Epistles"

Short Book list for New Testament study

1. The most readable introduction is Etienne Charpentier's:

"How to Read the New Testament"

2. This "Very Short Introduction" is very good, but very brief:

"The New Testamant: A Very Short Introduction" by Luke Timothy Johnson

3. This is the "Bradshaw's Guide" to the NT. Indispensable for serious study:

"An Itroduction to the New Testament" by Raymond E Brown

Apart from the books above

these two short books on St Paul are invaluable

4. An excellent introduction to St Paul by a renowned Bishop and Scholar, Tom Wright:

"What St Paul Really Said"

5. The restoration of St Paul's reputation by Nick King SJ:

"Not that Man!"